Video shows family and health workers laughing their asses off as crying boy shouts "I'm still a virgin!" during his "circumcision".

July 31, 2021

Cases like the one discussed in this submission post a blatant ethical dilemma between the privacy of the shown victims and the future victims whose victimization could have been prevented had more people known about it. With videos like that removed, valuable evidence in the fight against it is lost and it becomes easier for others to stay in denial about the gruesome reality of the practice. Always keep that in mind before reporting the content and consider proactively collecting and preserving evidence as others reading this might have an incentive to hide stories like this from the public.
Even though there are a ton of subreddits with up to millions of subscribers sharing footage of violence and abusive behaviors without much regard for the victims, we should do better - whenever possible, make use of ways to censor identifying information like faces in order to protect the victims as much as possible. Unfortunately, the journalists reporting on this case did not.
Especially in cases like this, where it has been posted to numerous social networks (initially by family members), featured by local newspapers and - according to them - gone viral, just undoing this is unfortunately impossible.
It is irresponsible to only ever act once the damage is done and prevention will need people to know what it is that needs to be prevented. That is the intention of this post.

Also keep in mind that harassment of any of the involved parties will result in negative attitudes towards the sub and its cause. Please stay civil at all times.

The post

There are ongoing disagreements on the extent to which children in fact experience forced cosmetic genital mutilation as sexual.

I hereby present a case that proves that at least a subset of children not only experience it as sexual, but even associate it with more abstract concepts like virginity, which should not yet concern them at all - let alone in this context.

In april this year, a filipino facebook user posted a video of his nephew during his "circumcision". According to a filipino news article, the video of the boy's "hilarious" reaction went viral.

If you only want to see the video, here is the direct link to the CDN. This is not a backup nor a reupload and might break in the future if facebook decides to remove the video:

Direct link to the video linked by the article.

The video shows the boy pinned down by others - begging and crying for them to stop. Whilst struggling, he complains that his penis is being touched and that he is getting an erection.

Edit: Just to be clear, the video contains no nudity and the induction of artificial erections during surgeries is in itself not abnormal - surgeries, however, are usually consensual.

This case is not more sexual than others, which is why the reaction of the boy is a strong indicator that the practice as a whole is experienced as much more sexualized than many want to admit.

The news article states that:

A Facebook user named [...] has shared the video footage of his nephew’s hilarious reaction during his circumcision. The video garnered various reactions from the online community. In the video, it can be seen that the young boy is complaining about health personnel touching his genital for circumcision. The medical personnel continue to conduct the operation while the kid kept on complaining

His complaints are met with laughter by the whole room until eventually, at second 8 of the facebook video:

The kid’s family and the health workers laughed after the boy shouted “V!rg!n pa ako”.

"Virgin pa ako!" means "I'm still a virgin!". Looking at the video, "laughing" is an understatement.

A subtitled version of the video, which has since been removed for violation of the ToS, was posted to youtube under the title:


This 37 second facebook video is not complete though. More videos of him have been shared with this one being only the beginning and him still being comparatively calm. Due to the language barrier, I can't really go into it though, apart from them occasionally laughing as he screams bloody murder.

The video displays the cruel treatment of boys and men around the world - where they are still hunted down for refusing to undergo the assault or it is used as a form of punishment.

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