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We live in a feminarchy (a feminist controlled society)

October 29, 2019

Feminism is a hugely powerful and influential movement. It effects election outcomes, it influences policy decisions, and it has shaped the very history and foundation of our society.

And today it has become the very thing that early feminists feared: a conspiratorial force that acts to make the lives of one group of people better at the expense of another. We live in a society that is shaped and molded by the forces of feminism in much the same way that feminists had once accused men (and a patriarchy) of doing.

A few examples:

  • One of the earliest lobbying efforts from the feminist movement was child custody reform. New laws were passed so that mothers always received custody, and fathers had to work to pay for them through child support. Known as the tender years doctrine, these laws continue to mold and shape our divorce, child custody, and child support laws to this day.
  • Our education system was reformed throughout the 20th century to benefit girls at the expense of boys. Today, widespread discrimination against young boys has been discovered in the form of teaching biases against male students. A majority of our teachers are women, and female teachers have been shown to grade male students worse for the same work.
  • Feminists have distorted the narrative about domestic violence and sexual assault. Men are equally likely to be victims of violence committed by women as the reverse, but because this fact is "inconvenient" for feminism, feminists have successfully buried much of this research. Today, feminists continue to pretend that things are worse for women, and better for men, than what they actually are.

I could list more: everything from jaded rape laws that let women off the hook, to courtroom biases that discriminate against men, are all likely influenced by the forces of feminism to one degree or another.

I just think it's ironic that the closest real world example to an actual patriarchy is literally feminism itself.

A few sources:

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