In the 1960s 2nd wave feminism helped women have their right to vote, equal job opportunities, equal pay etc. Still as a Middle Eastern, women in the Arab world are still treated as 2nd class citizens. I am a social democrat who believes in, human rights, gender equality, support the LGBTQA community, individuality. I am an activist in the Lebanese Campaign “You Stink” with moderate leftist, environmentalist, progressive social democratic views. Today feminism in the west has become obsolete, it is now about female supremacy, and other ridiculous things like scantily clad women in video games, language policing, fat acceptance. I label myself as an egalitarian, because women in Lebanon cannot enjoy their basic rights like: • There is no law protecting women, from marital rape. • Child marriage still exists, a woman by the name of Huda had to get married at the age of 12, her husband forced her to have sex with him since her wedding night. He used to beat her, verbally abuse her, she used to think that this was a normal relationship between a man and a woman. She divorced him, but she still lives in fear, from her ex, as well as from society not accepting her issues, for the sake of her kids. • A woman cannot travel abroad, without the approval of her male guardian. • Honor killings still exist. • Domestic violence was criminalized in 2014, but due to government corruption and wasta, police cannot punish the perpetrator. • Marital law is governed by the religious courts, hence no secular civil marriage exists in Lebanon so: 1. A woman cannot file for divorce. 2. Christian couples cannot divorce. 3. Child custody according to the Shia court, is given to the father when the child is 3 years old. • There is not enough political representation of women in the parliament and mayoral councils which is roughly 3%. • A mother is unable to grant her citizenship to her children and husband. My cousins struggled to find a job because they are Palestinian. • Sunni women, only receive half the inheritance of their brother. • Just recently the article 522 which states that the rapist can get away from prison if he marries his victim, will soon be abolished. However, in the western world, feminism has outlived its usefulness, and men are now suffering and face issues like: · Female genitalia mutilation is considered an abomination, while male mutilation is a normal procedure most young boys undergo. And don’t tell me that “It is just a piece of skin” so is your eyelid, it evolved there for a purpose. It would be fine if it was done to a consenting adult or a medical emergency. · Men can be sexually objectified, have u seen in magazines, and porn how men are ripped, as a teen I have suffered from bigorexia, and poor body image thinking that I am too skinny. · Men & boys cannot express their emotions, when I am in despair I cry when I am alone. · Women receive 40% less prison time than men, for the exact same crime. · A woman is capable of raping a man, in the western world many grown women have sexually assaulted young men and boys, but the authorities and society don’t take them seriously. Molly Shattuck 47 sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy, she gave alcohol, the boy felt violated when he saw her giving him a blow job, she was reported to the police, the Judge sentenced her to probation and to 48 weekends of prison. Nevertheless, Jarred Fogle, who was guilty of possessing child pornography, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. It is okay if the 15-year-old was sober and gave the woman his permission to receive oral sex. Science has proved that a rape victim can be sexually aroused, but this is only a biological response and does not mean that the victim is enjoying it, female rape victims experience orgasm as well. And it is different if a man is raped by his partner as a foreplay. As well as some women like to be dominated or dominant in bed room. Male vs Female Perpetuation of sexual harassment (social experiment): PS: Some of you reading this argument should stop thinking with their penises. · Male victims of domestic violence are not taken seriously. · A woman can brutally attack a man, but if a man slaps a woman he is arrested. · Male sexuality is now demonized by feminists, according to them if a man looks at a woman or asking her out then he is automatically raping her. And if a man is sexually attracted to a woman, he still understands the concept of consent, and recognizes her as a human being. · Men now have it a lot harder in terms of dating. · Fathers still have to pay child support even if the mother has a decent job. · Male virginity is shamed, boys who have reached a certain age and have never kissed a girl are teased and ridiculed by society, and with respect to dating his status is measured by how many partners has he had. Some feminists believe that the issues presented above are the product of the patriarchy. The patriarchy is a social system were men have the power and fathers have full authority over women and children. But if the Western world is still a patriarchy why would it disadvantage western men. The issues that I have mentioned come from backwardness of society that perceive men as: · Horny creeps who always want sex. · More violent. · They are the stronger gender, and can defend themselves from rape and violence. · As the authority figures. · Because they are not female, the will never understand what it feels like to be a woman so they can only be feminist allies. · They make the money, so they are expected to pay for everything.

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