I was thinking of all the possible reasons, and was trying to figure out which was the most significant.

  • Religious reasons
  • A real belief (true or not) that the procedure can reduce the risks of medial problems), (And that it outweighs the ethical issues)
  • Cosmetic
  • Money earned by hospitals
  • No thought towards the ethical issues? (Rather than knowing about it and not caring)

I feel like the money hospitals make on the procedure would be the main reason because moneh has such a strong pull and it's viewed has having "low risk". So it a great money maker for hospitals. The religious reasons don't seem as strong here, as the US is way less religious now. Especially in blue cities, but still most boys are getting it done.

As for the parents choices, I think there is a lack of thought toward ethics. And they trust their doctor who pay push it for $. And the benefits are really over emphasized and the ethical issues aren't brought up. But I honestly have never been approached by a doctor pushing this, so I dunno what that's like

I don't think people are evily doing this towards their own children. Maybe just out of ignorance