Okay before I start off, this question is semi rhetorical. I feel like I kind of know what good and positive masculinity is or at least what it should be. But it just seems like all the media and Feminist publications ever talk about is Toxic Masculinity and they never talk about Good Masculinity. They always insist that not all Masculinity is bad and yet they never tell us exactly what exactly it is in Masculinity that isn't bad. I'm sorry if this is coming off like a rant but I have honestly have just reached my limit on hearing the term "Toxic Masculinity" all over social media and even in the news. I really just want to hear good things about masculinity especially from feminists, the same people who say they don't hate men yet often say very hateful things about men. I know some feminists do come in here normally to troll or try to refute things so if there are any Feminists here reading this, here is your opportunity to talk positively about Masculinity and talk about the Good things about Masculinity and not the "Toxic" things.