What kind of activism have you engaged in?

November 1, 2019

Have you donated money anywhere? Been to a protest? Raised awareness in public? Made or handed out pamphlets / flyers?

I know a few people here have written about men's rights and even run a couple of websites dedicated to the topic. And every now and then we get posts from people in college or highschool who are doing presentations on the topic.

For my part I did get the opportunity to talk to a couple of state senator about divorce laws. The response I got was, yeah it's unfair, but that's what prenups are for. My response was that you shouldn't have to sign a prenup to be treated fairly in a divorce, but that's about all the time I had with them. This was a couple of years ago, so I look forward to giving it another shot if I ever get the opportunity again.

Of course raising awareness online also has its merits. I think I've seen a lot of progress recently, although a lot of that is probably due to mainstream feminism getting crazier and more offensive over the years.

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