Couple examples (I know they're based in TV and film, but very applicable in real life). In fact, media is the biggest vehicle of this double-standard that forces its way into society.

Example #1: Bar Rescue. Episode "Till Debt do us Part."

So, the wife of the owner of a failing bar, for their anniversary, does the following:

  • Serves her husband divorce papers
  • Smacks him in the face
  • Pours a drink on and tears up his new shirt.

Watch it on Youtube, people will say encouraging things about the woman for doing that in the comments. However, I guarantee, if the husband did it to the wife, everyone would be crying abuse.

Example #2: Joy (2015).

Joy is supposed to be this feminist superhero according to the movie. This one scene in particular rubs me the wrong way:

They're flashing back to Joy's younger days, and her marriage to Tony. Tony works a day job and performs at a nightclub at night.

Tony is in no condition to go to work. He's unwell, and that's his right to take care of himself. However, Joy kicks and slaps him for being asleep, on top of that, she does the following:

Knowing he's in no condition to do shit, tries to get him to get up and do stuff ("Wake up, Christy hasn't eaten, Tommy needs to be changed.")

  • Makes decisions for him behind his back (She told his boss he'd be going to work, knowing he's not well enough to do so)
  • Shoots down every rebuttal he makes and then cries victim when he doesn't roll over and comply ("I'm sick/"No you're not", "I'm a singer"/"You don't make any money singing, get in your car and go to your job", "stop turning me into someone I'm not"/"PITY FOR ME I AM VICTIM") All the while her son is crying increasingly louder because instead of changing him, she just wants to push her husband around
  • I read a real article about the real Joy Mangano, who said she divorced her husband because "he was having a fun life." If that doesn't scream BITCH, I don't know what does.

If Tony kicked and slapped Joy around and made her do stuff when she's in no condition to do so, made decisions behind her back and then punished her for "having a fun life," you can guarantee he'd be figuratively AND literally crucified for that.

My hope is now that Amber Heard set women back 100 years in the courts, this trend reverses if not stops.