Whether 18 or 40, women who have sexual relationships with 13 year olds need to be immediately hunted down by the law and put in 20 years prison, just like when its men doing the same thing.

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The double standard makes it okay for women to commit to this kind of behavior, and we dont punish them equally, we're building two different social classes into the law. Why does anyone think its "just different" for an older woman to have sex with a male compared for an older man?


here's a youtube video of SNL making a joke about male students with female teachers, for instance.

There's actually reasons for making a valid reverse argument based on human development.

Girls mature at 10 and boys have to wait til 20, for some things. (google brain data)

Girls reach maximum (adult) height at 13-15, boys gets a 14-18 period to reach it. Again showing that females mature sooner than males.

Girls are superior at emotional intelligence to boys, and EI is defined as the ability to read and understand others, their emotions, their thoughts, their intentions, etc. (google again)

Therefore it would seem obvious they'd know more rather than less. Because of all these verifiable facts, a 13 year old boy and 18 year old girl is LEAGUES apart compared to a 13 year old girl and 18 year old boy, which would still be sick and disgusting. Since this case deals with the reverse, and since people are praising him and her, it shows the double standard and unpopularity. It would be unanimous for an older male adult with a young girl to be considered a disgusting pedophile rapist, but on this one people equivocate because the roles are reversed.

the double standard throws child-males to the predatory women-wolves.

Neither is acceptable. The double standard simply makes it sickening and worse, especially in light of the fact that it is MALES who are underdeveloped for that age period. If there were a progressive victim stack, MALES should be ahead of FEMALES on the list because of the developmental delay.

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Being a piece of shit accuser is something you'll deal with on your own time, not mine.

Go after people in comments who say things like this if you're so triggered and so retarded.

its absolutely disgusting how warped sexuality has become. your body is not a temple, its a sack of bacteria. sex is not a sacred ritual and nothing is lost when you have sex for the first time. get over yourselves. sex is as common and normal a practice as eating, sleeping and shitting.

also, id like to know, at what age should one stop being attracted to young people? and i say stop because everyone is attracted to children at some point in their life, usually when they are a child.

should it also be just as taboo to be 13 and want to fuck a 20 year old? why or why not?

society does more damage to people based on judgement of a sexual act than the sexual act itself and its disgusting. you should honestly be ashamed of yourself for expressing and enforcing this opinion.

For anyone who needs a heartwarming story after reading the abhorrent positivity towards this situation:

I live in aus and about 11 years ago I used to be friends with a girl who was obsessed with America, so much so that she signed up to a camp leader in the US for one summer. She went over there an had an inappropriate ‘romance’ with a camp attendee. He was 15 and she was 20. The boys parents found out and had her charged. She went to a women’s prison in Iowa. Her mother back in aus had to spend 30k on lawyers and fly over to the US to try and get her sent back home. She is now a registered sex offender and has to let every current and future employee know. She is not allowed to work with minors or vulnerable people. She is banned from ever travelling to the US. IMO she got what she deserved.

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