At school this girl was being a petty little jerk in like 5th grade (I’m not gonna get into the whole story unless you want me to) but anyway towards the end of it all she started hurling some profanity and I told on her, it was 5th grade you can’t blame me that much, and this always sexist gym teacher said “mind your own business and just eat your lunch.” And so I was dumbfounded. Then this little crotch goblin told the same gym teacher “he was swearing at me and calling me names.” And he tells my teacher. My teacher had multiple witness accounts against this and other numerous times she’s said some real vulgar crap. And now I do online school and I have this class about computer science but this teacher always starts going on some feminist stuff every single time. One time this girl in that class started arguing with me because I said that scientifically men are physically stronger then she said taht I was “just jealous.” Sorry I’m going off on a tirade here but it’s so annoying. And I support men’s rights and my sisters mainly the older one, support women’s rights and are big feminists so I don’t really want to tell them that I support men’s rights because well you can see why. Sorry this was so long just wanted to explain some of my situations I’ve been in.