When women come at me with men are this men are that i hear them out. I listen to their pov and consider all the reasons why she may feel this way. I try to come up with a solution. Everytime i bring up that they can also do bad things there is always an excuse, followed by an attack. Usually by several feminists and white knights. I dont personally attack people. I just point out that hey guess what women can do bad things too hoping that we can come to some type of agreement and find common ground but no. Every fucking time its just personal attacks "youre a loser, incel.." all the usual insults. This has happened in every corner of reddit or any other social media. Im just over it. I dont have the patience for it anymore. They all lost someone that can see both sides and help bridge a gap because they cant possibly imagine a confrontation where they arent the victim and they cant blame it on the patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

So im done. Im done trying to see their side. Im done being fair. Im done sharing empathy. Im just done. At least for a while.