Why it's important for MRAs to understand feminist theory

February 28, 2020

Not all feminists are against equal rights for men, but feminism has been one of the driving forces behind gender inequality in society, including gender inequality against women.

Some of the best arguments against feminism come from feminists themselves. By simply restating feminist arguments and explaining feminist theory to other people, you can show how their ideology is flawed. As well as how it's problematic when it comes to gender equality.

Real world examples also buffer these arguments (see here and here for a couple of lists). Feminists hold a tremendous amount of institutional power in society and they have used that power in ways that harm both men and women.

A few examples of problematic feminist beliefs:

  • Patriarchy theory and "male oppression"

  • The Dulth model of domestic violence and the concept of "patriarchal violence" (the idea that men are responsible for all violence in society, including violence committed by women)

  • The way feminists view sex and rape, including the notion that "all sex with men is rape because of inherent power dynamics between men and women" and that "men only ever have sex to humiliate women and put them in their place"

  • Victorian era gender norms that view women as weak and helpless and put men in the position of "fixing themselves" (toxic masculinity aka chivalry) and "fixing society" to help women. Basically women are viewed as being "damsels in distress" who need to be rescued by righteous, honorable men.

  • Malagency (not really part of feminist thought but it's how most feminists see things). Men are seen as being more culpable of their actions and circumstances, whereas women are seen as being victims of their circumstances. Men do things, women have things done to them.

  • Downplaying women's accomplishments in history and their contributions to modern society (often to buffer their arguments about patriarchy theory).

There are others I'm sure. This is just what I can think of off the top of my head. Not all feminists agree with all of these points, but you can find all of these ideas inside mainstream feminist thought.

It's one thing to know a few counterarguments about feminism but it's something else entirely to see what it looks like firsthand. I imagine quite a few "feminists" would give up on the ideology if they actually did some research themselves.

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