So out of curiosity I decided to check the Wikipedia page of a football (soccer) player who plays for a club in my country (I saw the result of a match played recently).
And while I was looking at his personal life where I saw a sentence that made me angry and dissappointed
Quote: He is the son of former international basketball player and inductee of the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2019 Mohsen Medhat Warda. And he is a sexual harasser".

He is accused of sexual harassement from a woman who claims that he harassed her sexually via Snapchat. They never met in person (if they did she does not mention it at all) and the only communication was via Snapchat messages (everything according to her claims).

If he did harass her let the court decide if he is guilty or not (she said she will show the messages to the authorities).

It is just sad for men to be judged like that. You are accused of sexual harrasment and everyone is pointing a finger at you. You are guilty before the case even reaches the court. Ηe faced similar accusations in the past which resulted him being dropped from his national team pickings but later returned due to lack of evidence. Unfortunatelly for him when the manager changed, he did not participate again. It can cause a lot of damage in a player's career because he can easily be dropped from being a key player to being sat on the sidelines until this is over. Not just for his national team but for whatever club he plays for

I posted a link to the article so everyone can have a look. It is in Greek though (Could not find anything in English) but the description basically says what I wrote here. It states her claims and that now a lot of women contacted her to say that he harrassed them as well. You can take a look at the images which contain her messages and her claims (these are in English).