"Lawyer Bakr al-Turkmani, coordinator of investigations and complaints in the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) in Gaza, denounced the judgment and demanded its re-examination, arguing that the death penalty is not a deterring sanction and is “inconsistent with the modern philosophy of punishment, based on doing no harm to neutral third parties.” He told Al-Monitor that Anzeh "has a 2-year-old child who already lost his father … who was murdered, and now he may also lose his mother as well. This would jeopardize his future in the absence of any official child-care institutions in Gaza.” A reduced sentence would help mitigate the problem, he noted."


Another quote I think of note.

"Nafez al-Madhoun, chairman of the Higher Judicial Institute in the Ministry of Justice and secretary-general of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), stressed that the death penalty is provided for in the Penal Code of 1936. He told Al-Monitor, “We, as a Palestinian society, do not distinguish between a man and a woman in terms of sanctions, which apply to everyone. It does not make sense for human rights and women’s organizations to demand equality between men and women and then demand a reduced sentence for [Anzeh].”"

Makes one wonder where these activists were when several men where put to death in the past.