I watched "Corbra Kai" last week. It started off fairly charming, I grew up in the 80's and of course loved Karate Kid, but what's up with this absurd "girls beating up boys" trope? Cobra Kai is a deliberately cheesy TV show but this trend is everywhere. I can't turn on the TV without seeing some 90 pound woman beating the shit out of a 200 pound man.

I gotta be honest: I've seen a few Youtube videos of girls thinking they can beat up boys and it doesn't end well. It's just a poor lesson for all concerned -- especially girls.

The paradox of female power -- and one of the reasons it's so absurd to portray women as kickass ninjas vis a vis men -- is that their power derives largely from the illusion of weakness. The more weak a woman seemingly is, the more men want to protect them -- that's a source of power. This is why even extremely powerful women occasionally portray themselves as "damsels in distress"; for example, imagine a male politician whining about "online abuse" -- we would all laugh at him (rightly so); but if a female politician whines about "online abuse" we take her very seriously indeed.

Apparently it's not enough that women have social and sexual (and increasingly, political) power over men, we all need to pretend as though they have physical power over men as well. This is completely bonkers.

The whole reason males are so physically dominant is because females sexually select for physical dominance (at least in part).

But there is this sort of exquisite attention paid to what may potentially hurt a woman's feelings, so now we all have to pretend that it's natural for women to be physically dominant too!

If it's a movie about a cyborg or a female superhero like Wonder Woman then okay, I have no problem with that, but today it would be natural for a young girl who watches television to assume she could kick the ass of any boy in a fight. It's literally gotten that bad.