Since we do have a lot of women lurkers here, maybe you’d learn a real life lesson instead of the fake news that the media tells you or the blue pill lies that some have told you or you were led to believe.

Story time A woman I know, early 30s was having a chat with me recently about seeing a (divorced man with kids) in his 40s whose very successful financially and doing extremely well for himself. Lesson here for men, you’ll always have options if you’re doing well with much younger women and don’t need to go for women your age or older. Same lesson for young sisters in early 20s, you can marry a more established man in his late 20s or 30s, so you don’t need to wait till it’s too late when you’re 30 and have limited options of mainly older single dads.

When she was mentioning him, she told me, “I’m sure my Mercedes will impress him, my 2 degrees and masters will impress him and make him like me” This is where I told her high value men don’t care about any of that, a women’s degrees and wealth never attracts high value men, they are very indifferent about it and actually prefer simple feminine women that won’t work so that she can take care of the home and kids, they have plenty enough money to care about an additional average salary.

Lots of women think what makes a man attractive is what makes a woman attractive, this is a big lie and illusion you need to wake up from.

She mentioned there was an event she went to and many men flirted with her and she noticed that he was jealous/ distant and pretty much after that she mentions that he lost interest and nothing happened after that. What is the lesson here? High value men don’t compete for a woman whose got many guys on her radar because she’s not the best parental investment for them, she may possibly cuckhold him and is not the safe bet, high value men want a virgin woman or women who will ensure paternity and the kids will be his, who will be loyal to him and won’t entertain her having male friends.

This same girl once told me she was interested in a man many women are interested in and that made her jealous but she wanted him even more. Again men and women are different, women want men that other women want and other women chase, Men want a woman that doesn’t entertain other men. Men prioritize paternity to ensure his parental investment is on HIS kids, so a woman chatting to other men is making him think in his hindbrain that’s she may not be the best investment. Women prioritize hypergamy, and what confirms her hypergamy? When many women want her man.

Conclusion: Your degrees and profession ladies aren’t going to attract a man, your beauty, femininity, piousness will. Stop chasing many degrees and salaries thinking that’s going to get the highest value male to want you, the high value man makes enough money to care about your average salary.

Some of you dumb idiots will take this out of context and go to other subreddits and say, oh these Red pill dudes want women to not get educated. No idiot, no one said that, what we are telling you is what a high value men want or even a decent man wants. Know the difference. Understand how men and women think and yes they are different.