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April 20, 2020

Listen buddy continue your accutane, use a concealer for your acne scars and work on your weight, maybe you will find someone who likes you for you rather than using these stupid ideologies to spread hate

Stop appropriating the toxic MGTOW and redpill ideologies to Islam. They are incompatible regardless of what you want to believe. You are manipulating Hadiths and Quranic verses to push your judgemental narrative to misguide Muslim men.

Here’s an example of your advice to a person who wanted to marry a non-virgin Muslim/Christian women only for sex and then dump her when he reaches 30 to remarry a younger Muslim women (the type of toxic people attracted to your sub 🤮):

So if you meet in any public place that's fine and you don't need a Wali because you will not be alone.

You are recommending him to meet a potential without a wali, this is not what Islam instructs us about Islamic marriage procedures.

Another way you can meet girls is through Muslim marriage apps, but be prepared to find many post wall girls in their 30s who have been riding the CC in their 20s and now want to meet a "nice guy" to please daddy lol. There are so many girls with huge red flags who use these apps. I wouldn't recommend it and it's sad but many Muslim beta simp guys fall for it and marry a girl on there thinking they got a good deal when they really married a former slut lol. You won't find the practising girls using these apps for a reason.

........the way you appropriated the toxic mentality common in the MGTOW/redpill subs about non-Muslim women to describe our Muslim women.... it’s a shame, regardless of what you say the majority of our Muslim women on and off the marriage apps are far far better than the low mentality you are preaching about them.

r/mensrights does it better, where they discuss societal implications and do not try to justify a narrative using religion. They have a actual list of issues that men face whereas you are too busy talking about “ majority women being in hell.” You want to discuss real societal issues go to that sub instead of misusing Islam with this harmful muslimredpill sub.

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