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Hellfire and Allah Mercy

June 16, 2020

We all know Allah is the most forgiving and merciful, but we also know that Allah is just. What i realized is that on the day of judgement, there are more people admitted to hell than paradise ( out of 100 people group, 99 will be going hell and only 1 of that group will go to paradise). The people of the Hell are also divided into group of people who are doomed there forever and group of people who are there initially to clense their sins and then go to paradise.

when people of this ummah sin, people tell them to repent and forget and move on, but they still keep doing it or have the mentality of that sin lingering in the back of their mind. We cant say that all of our ummah will be forgiven and abstained from hell. Are these the people that will initially go to Hell to clense their sin and afterwards go to paradise? if so, then why are people not advised or told about regretful repentance rather than repentance out of ignorance . i believe there are difference between the two, because for excample, in the Quran, Allah told us that Fornicator marries fornicator, EXCEPT those who repent. why mention this???? think about it. People who fornicate have the mentality of fornicator and fornicators who REGRETFULLY repent.... dont have that same state of mind or mentality. so the fornicators who JUST repent when they want to and it is not sincere (regret is a state of mind one cannot decide when to regret about it and its accompanied with remorse and shame) sinners usually tell "i will repent later after this act" , but is it relly the type of repentace Allah wants from us? because if i repent this way, I still have that mentality or state of mind, back in my mind and it could arise back any moment.

there are many hadith that tell you "do this and you will get guarantee jannah" ,but it doenst tell guarantee abtaining from hellfire. Our beloved Prophet PBUH was promised jannah (correct me if im wrong) but he still was making dua to be protected from the hellfire


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