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June 17, 2020

Crosspost "A post of all the things Muslim brothers have said to me while on the search 🔍🤷‍♀️" from /r/MuslimMarriage:

Salaam brothers and sisters.

This is a post that highlights a lot of the things that Muslim brothers have said to me in my search. This has either been from meeting potentials irl or off Muzmatch and Minder.

For context, I am a 24 year old English teacher living in London. I am very blessed and grateful for everything in my life but unfortunately my search in finding my soulmate has been less than great. This post is not a humble brag. I am deeply disturbed to have been told these things.

Sisters, please comment if you have ever encountered stuff like this. 💅

"So I noticed you have 2 degrees. I would want you to stay at home though. I want lots of children."

"Can you cook and clean? It's not that I expect the house to be spotless but I think a woman's role is to be a carer in the household."

"Why do you keep reading books? What's there to read about?"

"I hope you're not the type to always talk about her opinion on things. I hate having long arguments."

"When we are married, I expect you to wear a hijab. Although you can start now if you want."

"Can you stop wearing makeup? You look pretty already. I don't want men staring at you. I prefer the natural look."

"I expect you to live with my family after marriage. I'm not compromising on that. Also, a house deposit and another mortgage is too much hassle. You will learn to be happy."

"Oh so you're rejecting me now you have seen my photos? How shallow of you. This is why you are single."

"So you've been on dates in the past. What's wrong with you?"

"I didn't say I did notice confrontation but I think we should stop talking because you challenge me on things."

"You come across as intimidating to me and you are smarter than me. I don't like that."

"I know I've dated and done whatnot in the past but I want a virgin wife who is pure and innocent."

"You're writing a book? Maybe you should focus on your deen more than writing silly fantasies."

"How much do you earn again? I earn more than you so that's good. We would have a problem if you earnt more than me."

"What's your time frame for marriage? I want to get married in 3 months from now. You don't need a big wedding."

"Your face is good but your body could be improved. I'll send you some links. I'm not having an unfit wife."

And my favourite "wyd?" or "wuu2?"

Edit: To the brothers who are saying I am targeting men in general I am not. This is only a list of things some INDIVIDUAL Muslim brothers have said to me in the last while in my search. I have no problems with a brother making a post about what some sisters have said to him.

Posted by HoneyBouquet | 16 June 2020 | Link

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