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Let me tell you a story about my cousin

November 17, 2020

Some of you don't remember what Muslim women were like in the West pre-feminism. So let me tell you a story.

When I was really young (like 5) in 2002, one of my male cousins from Pakistan came to the UK. He lived with us. He had no house, no job, no degree, he lived off our money and he was ugly in the face but he was somewhat tall. He was also a freshie, his English was shit also. Today this guy would be like a solid 1.5/10 incel material.

He got married back in 2002 to this smoking hot Pakistani girl who was born in the UK. You know them ones with the fair complexion and the rosy tinted skin? Yeah, that. Also she had everything right in face and petite too. The girl honestly could have been some sort of model. I remember I was only like 5 and I hated girls but that was my first crush where I was like damnmnnn lol. Unlike him, she was born in the UK, she wasn't a freshie. Plus she had a decent life, a quite big home and family. She was the youngest of two sisters (the other one was hot too and also unmarried)

Which made me question even at the time as a kid, how the fuck is this smoking hot girl who couldn't have been older than 23 marrying my 30 year old cousin who doesn't have a home, a job, a car or absolutely fucking anything? How is this even possible?

Anyway. The wedding happened, the walima happened. Everything went smooth and I was there all the way to see it.

And when they got married, she also started living in our home in a small ass room (biggest one we had, we tried to accommodate them the best we could but it was still small asf) locked up away from the rest of us so we couldn't see her (because my cousin was a jealous asshole and wanted to impress her by acting like he was the boss of the small room lol. That sucked for me because I really wanted to see her.) And this guy just started working in tescos supermarket lol.

That was their love story until they eventually bought a beater Rover 75 and moved to a cheap apartment. And I know some of you guys are probably thinking fuck off. No way did that happen. But trust me I was there and i remember every single detail of it because that cousin was like my absolute best friend. It was like living with your best friend.

Even today me and my mom always talk about how his marriage unfolded. It was absolutely insane if you ask me. And not only did he marry a smoking hot wife. That family actually gave him the youngest of their two daughters. The older one wasn't even married as well and she was closer to his age. So it technically made more sense. But no.


Just goes to show you that the only think that really matters in life is, luck.

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