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Polygamy is happening around us everyday

May 6, 2020

One thing that the dissenters and liberal feminists take issue with is polygamy because they argue that it is only moral for one man to be with one woman.

However, when you look at what's really happening in modern Western society today, you will find many examples of women often dating and sharing the same man. A study by OkCupid showed that women find 80% of all men unattractive. Meaning that the average woman was only interested in dating the top 20% of men who they do find attractive, regardless of whether or not those men were also dating other women. Not only do women not care about this, but that's what they prefer, because they rather be with a high status man who fits the top 20% even if he has multiple women, than be with a man who is average or even above average but willing to commit to them.

Imagine if we were living in society where polygamous marriage was socially acceptable, these same women who are currently dating and sharing the top 20% of high status men, will be the same ones interested in polygamous marriage because they rather be with a high status man than the average guy.

The truth is, we are seeing polygamy in our society everyday and liberal feminists are not discouraging women from dating men who are seeing other women either. In fact, they actively suggest women go for the guys who an elaborate sexual history because they are "good in bed."

So if it is the case that many women are already dating and sharing the same men in our society and are happy, then why is polygamous marriage such a taboo subject?

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