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Racial Fetishization - Sometimes it's the wrong people being accused of racism

June 10, 2020

First of all: I, and I'm sure most redpill folks are perfectly fine with muslims marrying outside of their ethnicities, so don't caricature redpill muslims who actually want to uphold Islamic values.

For mixed marriages which were formed by marrying for Deen as much as conceptually possible, race is never such a controversial topic. They have a self-awareness about them. God created us in different races so that we may know one another - one of the ways is marriage too, so never be closed off to other races, nor the darker skin toned people from your own race.

What if I told you that some of those in mixed marriages are the ones full of racist micro-aggressions?

SOME interracial relationships let alone marriages take advantage of the fetishization element of race. On social media, they really commodify the fact that they are 'mixed', and they will talk about the controversy elements in a very ego-based way. They want us to be enthusiastic about their marriage despite the haram beginnings. That's not what inspires self aware muslims.

....But if you don't portray the enthusiasm in the way they want to see, 'you're racist! You can't handle that you're not the most desirable and don't get to pick who you want!' - these people need to check themselves. It's not the mixed marriage that's a problem to some, it's the racist energy you're coming from.

'I'm just attracted to a different ethnicity. Eww, guys in my ethnicity remind me of my brother, I'm only interested in blonde white people' - People should never be reduced to being exotic products and in doing so, there's a double racism as it seeks to make the opposite gender of their own race cuckholds to this race in effect. How many times have you heard that from Far Eastern women talking about Far Eastern men?

'I'm moving on from my race, they have a backwards mentality' - generalizing a race like that AND often times being against the Islamic principles too.

'They have more game. People from this ethnicity don't know how to talk' - we have the Islamic concept of Haya. You should have that, too. The fact that you're not fashioning your character to have that, makes you a part of the problem.

'I really like their modern culture (even the haram parts which influence sexual elements and has ME/Indians trying to pass as Drake or a female Caribbean Insta model)' - they fetishise other races through the haram elements of their culture.

There are people using their privilege and/or fetishization to increase their sexual market value - some of them are male and female converts to Islam thinking they are the exotic kings and queens ready to conquer the exotic foreigners. Some women even convert on social media to pick up more followers on social media - be careful for these kind of women, brothers.

A lot of people can't even be honest with themselves, or they know that the angle of attraction is from a more sinister element - it reminds the man or woman of a pornstar (as virtually everyone has seen porn). At very least, they're programmed by the media to find certain races more attractive, so feeding into the common combinations that are sold by the media does unquestionably raise that extra question. You can agree with this, but which elements of a person are you drawn towards most in real life?

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