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The importance of being in shape

May 27, 2020

Salam brothers,

Part of being blue pilled is believing that looks don’t matter to women, it’s the personality, it’s the akhlak etc that counts. The cold hard truth is that looks do matter to women, very much so. Now in terms of looks (your face, height etc), these were given to you by Allah to what you will need in this world to survive, it’s a hand you’re given, and alhamdulilah for everything. Most of the guys are going to be average in the looks department, but there’s one thing you can be the exception and that is being in shape. You can control that if your really want to, hit the weights and watch what you eat.

What is the ideal weight to be in shape, This depends on your height really, if you’re 180cm 80kgs roughly would be good. 173cm? 73kgs, 190cm? 90kgs. you get it?

Ideal body fat percentage, not more than 20%, preferably 10-15%

Some of the key benefits of keeping in shape: Look better Stronger you Healthier body that can fight off diseases Sharper mind Enthusiastic nikah from the wife It creates dread, your wife knows she has a high value guy and an attractive man that can marry the 2nd, 3rd and 4th at ease

By keeping in shape you’re part of the top 10% of guys easily, let’s keep it real, most men are either overweight or skinny, both these are unattractive to women.

Part of being red pilled is self improvement, and strive to being the best version of yourself, in health, finance, knowledge and so on

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