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The red/blackpill is the only problem I have with my Deen

April 23, 2020

Is why did Allah SWT make AWALT. It’s not modern, it’s part of their ingrained operating system. AWALT has always been there, always will be there.

Why did Allah SWT do that? What possible logic besides literally ruining millions upon millions of families and lives? Why did Allah SWT make women like this? How can I accept it? If I can find some rationale left that puts me at ease I really won’t question anything anymore. Ad-Dajjal and the illuminati/New World Order etc explains more than enough for me to know Islam is the truth.

Why would Allah SWT, a God that created humans, program them to think as if they were an evolutionary accident and to think like animals? Why!?!

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Title The red/blackpill is the only problem I have with my Deen
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