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The sad reality and the delusion of modern liberalism/feminism in today's world

June 10, 2020

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, Before the Hour comes, there will be years of deceit, in which a truthful person will be disbelieved and a liar will be believed; and the insignificant will have a say’. (Ahmad)

How true is this in today's world? Whether it's in the media, whether it's in the real world. Is it not the case? In our midst, we see plenty of truthful people telling the truth, but the media unfortunately distorts reality and misrepresents the facts, making the truth appear to be falsehood. This deceitfulness is one of the signs preceding the Day of Judgement.

Reality has been corrupted. It is not pure anymore. And people are affected by this constant perversion of the truth, so that their hearts and minds are misled by the accusations and the falsehoods from the media and society, impairing their judgement.

We are left with so much confusion, fake news, and conflicting information, we can no longer figure out who is telling the truth. Who is lying and who is not? People of trustworthiness are treated like cheaters and traitors, and the traitors are treated like trustworthy people. What on earth is going on? Changing the reality of things, changing the facts. To a huge extent people are being deluded and manipulated.

Modern liberalism/Extreme Feminism has deluded the people into a fantasising world. Everything is accepted now, and many things are against Quran and hadith. People say liberalism has "United people" and it has shown the people the "way".

The reality is people are more depressed then ever and many survive on pills and need intoxication to forget the "reality their in" more then 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Many cant find a partner because of liberalism/Feminism because it has brainwashed them so much that if a guy has any geerah for his wife, that is considered abuse, and controlling. Then what happens? "He/she took away my freedom and I want to live my life and "envision" my way". Which eventually leads to separation.

What showed them the freedom of doing anything their way has inturned turn them into depressed individuals. How many posts/articles you read of women in theirs 30s single and lonely? Why? Because modern feminism told them to do whatever they want "My body, My choice" and many have been used and thrown out and left depressed.

This so called message that people are so deluded into, many dont realize it has been destroying families, Marriages, and leading against living life according to Quran and hadith.

And the way that the world is heading, destroyed families and ruined marriages, 80% percent of kids that are in jail were raised by single mothers.

In today's world 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. This number has been climbing since the modern/Feminist revolution in the 60s. No wonder.

In conclusion sadly many are living to please people with modern beliefs and the modern liberal ways instead of following quran/hadith and pleasing Allah and they forget that 1 day those same people that they wanted to show off to, will bury them 6 ft under.

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