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What a f*cking *sshole. He doesn't support his pornstar daughter.

June 21, 2020

Crosspost "AITA for cutting off my daughter because she started doing pornography" from /r/AmItheAsshole:

I have 3 children and my daughter, the eldest, is currently away at university whilst I support her. We had a sort of understanding that I would cover her tuition and living costs and she would focus on studying. She ended up getting a student loan against my advice but she explained that she wanted it so she could have spending money. Point is she's not starved for cash.

I received an e-mail 2 weeks ago that had my daughter's name as the subject and had attachment but it was in my spam folder. I assumed it was just spam and ignored it. Over the week I continued to receive them at my work e-mail, curiosity got the better of me and I decided I'd open them. They included screenshots from a site called OnlyFans, which I've since learned in a pornography site, and the images are quite clearly were my daughter. I was shocked and disgusted to see my little girl like that and didn't want to believe it at first.

I checked all the other e-mails that I hadn't deleted and it was quite clearly my daughter, she has a distinct birthmark on her back. I didn't want to tell my wife so I called my daughter to talk to her. She broke down in tears and explained that she'd done it to earn some extra money. I didn't understand as she had no financial issues whatsoever. We got into an argument and I ended up telling her that she's cut off. I won't pay her rent or tuition for the next semester in September.

She ended up calling her mother who then started arguing with me for cutting her off. It seems my daughter hadn't told her why and when I showed her the pictures she was in shock. We didn't raise our little girl this way and she has no reason to be doing pornography.

Posted by FrostingFancy | 21 June 2020 | Link

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