Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (RA.) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "A time will also come upon people that a person will find himself in such a position and under such circumstances that he either allows himself to be branded as a fool or, he either joins the prevailing evils, (becoming a part of it). Should a person find himself in such a situation, then it is better for him to be branded as a fool, rather than participate in evil."

Isn't this the case today? Today many Muslims more then what Quran and hadith says, are following the path of the modern liberalism/feminism and the modernization of society and neglecting the truth and having excuses such " It's 2020 we have to do this" etc and these people don't realize they are part and playing the roles in the signs of qiyamah. They are blinded and do not have have the sense to understand that what they are saying and agreeing to was already predicted by the prophet 1400 plus years ago.

Even in the west their was a thing called religion and people followed it. Whether it was clothing, modesty, ways of living life many had lived conservatively and they followed some sort of religion. For ex Catholics, etc.

But since the 60s when the feminist revolution and the sexual liberation came, the concept of religion had been totally put aside and mainly abolished and these new ideas had spread the message to people. These new messages were "you can do whatever you want" without any consequences and people wont judge you. In this so called "freedom" and the abandonment of religion what happened? Society has becomen so free that if you voice an opinion and say for example LGBTQ is forbidden and not natural in the Quran and also in the bible, in these so called free countries you will be looked down upon as wierd etc. Their is only 1 sided freedom. How true is this hadith?

Sadly the worst part is many Muslims have joined in on the bandwagon of for example they are standing upto these peoples "rights" when in Quran and Hadith these things are totally forbidden and many Muslims are also jumping in deep of the feminists values without regarding what their saying. Feminism says " Your body, your choice" meaning you can sleep with anyone, do whatever the heck you want without any consequences and people will not judge you. Is this what Islam is teaching us? On the day of Qiyamah each part of our body will testify on behalf of how we used it (in good/bad way) and our bodies have haq/rights over us. But sadly many of these Muslims jump on the bandwagon of these things without understanding their message deeply which is totally against Islam. They are totally brainwashed and so deluded they forget our main purpose in this life.

Muslims need to wake up and understand these hadith deeply and have to know that the way and the modernization of the world Is happening and they think they are "progressing" nope we are going backwards. We are going against the Quran and hadith.

Just remember in the end whatever you had agreed with for the sake of people and to make them happy, remember they will not be their for you after you pass away. Who will save you then? These people? Nope. What will save you is the sincere intentions of good you did for Allah. Many people want to impress others to show how far we are "progressing" but just remember many that are going with the society's trends and ways are indeed going against the Quran and hadith. May Allah guide us all to be on the straight path and us to be woke in the delusions of the modern world. Ameen.