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What is the difference being a "Nice guy" vs being real?

November 17, 2020

Nice guys are not nice. They are just "nice" in order to get laid and get women. They agree with everything she has to say, never stand there ground and put this nice act to get women. These guys are the most fakest people you will ever meet in your life. On top of that they are and act like hypocrites.

Whats the result? They are jokes. In a sense like all there views and everything is based upon the girls that they are going after's views. They like to #believeallwomen and believe everything they say not because they genuinely think that. It's only because to get laid. Some of them maybe get lucky but majority? Lmao. Majority will be in the friendzone and the girls will call them up only when they need something.

Who are the real guys? These guys dgaf what she has to say. They believe what they want and do whatever they want. They will always stand up flr there beliefs even if she threatens to leave. These guys are real and just dgaf what she has to say. Them being more real and standing up for they believe in, even if she threatens to leave, makes her respect you more, because you can't be manipulated by her bs. This is nothing but truth. Be your real self always. Dont give into her in hopes of getting some action. Your self respect is more important and worth more, than what's between her legs.

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