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When do men hit “the wall”?

June 28, 2020

Do men even hit the wall? And what is the wall for men.

Studies have concluded: “Men as success objects and women as sex objects”

Google it ladies before you call this place misogynist and do research before you tell us your “opinion“

Men and women are different.

Women as sex objects. Women’s wall is when she loses her looks or acknowledges she can’t compete with her peak years. She loses her value in being the sex object ie looks. For those lurking and saying misogynistssss reee. High value men or any man (except the few liberal beta farts) look at a women’s looks/youth and that’s the most valuable thing to them. High value men want beautiful fertile women and looks are important to them and they can afford to have their pick.

Men on the other hand, the wall for them is completely different, a man is judged on his success. Women want a successful man. So a man hits the wall when? When his not pursuing and making a dent in the universe. When he is not changing things, doing things. When he is giving up. A man hits the wall when his mentality isn’t about winning. Mentality is very important and so is action. A man with a strong mentality or no action is a man that has hit “the wall”. A man can change and unhit the wall. A man hits the wall but it’s not permanent, it makes him stronger if he chooses to. Many men have been zeroed out and come back stronger and better.

Final thoughts, work on yourselves brothers, be the best version of yourselves. Do the work but also sort your mindset. A mindset is important and do what you need to do to make sure it’s serving you and not working against you, once your mindset is there and you’re doing work and making change and a dent in the universe, you are not hitting the wall, you are in fact going further away from the wall.

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