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Why are there so many Muslim simps?

June 23, 2020

We’ve seen so many Muslim simps and white knights in other subreddits that will do anything for “my ladies honor”. Here’s some of the reasons why they do what they do. Since we have a lot of them lurkers here, I thought why not teach them something.

Beta game: every one has game but how efficient it is depends, the old joke/meme on Indian dudes “send bobs and vagene”, Wouldn’t necessarily call it beta but you get it, it’s a form of game (weak). Beta game isn’t as bad but it’s based on making her more, putting her on a pedestal, buying her flowers, getting her a $1000 watch the same day he meets her and her father. Many guys play that beta game, try to buy a woman’s affection with actions or spending. When it’s too early it turns women off but they don’t know that, but they been to believe that it works, why?

Media: There’s been a constant push from media that the nice weak guy in the movies usually gets the “one”, he fights against all odds against the alpha dude and wins the heart of the girl, call it Disney fantasy or beta male lie. This lie is repeated so much that the guy is willing to simp on as many girls and put them on a pedestal in the hopes that eventually she or one of them will go for him, and if she doesn’t he tries harder. Unfortunately this has no basis in Islam but these simps were raised to put all women on a pedestal, choosing to do anything the media says instead of using “Islam game”, that is directly asking to see the father as is without anything and time wasting.

Nice guy syndrome: Meet these guys in real life and you’ll think they’re nice guys, mind you they may act like tough guys on the internet, but they not in real life. Why do you think the first thing they do to shame an alpha by calling him an incel? Why do they hate the alpha male or the male that puts himself as his mental point of origin? These nice guys will abandon everything to go and stand with the lady even if she’s wrong. Because when he does something for her she will see his the good guy and fall for him. Nice guys are like that, don’t have themselves as their mental point of origin and hope by sacrificing, she will recognize and he will win her over. This is the epitome of nice guy syndrome and they will struggle with this because they not genuine, you or myself will be called misogynist is one of the ways they express their frustrations.

Raised mainly by moms: with feminism, moms are policing their sons more than ever to be super nice with girls, to respect women. Nothing wrong with that right I mean we should be nice and respect to women? No at all, being nice to and respect are both earned and are not because you’re this or that. You have a crap attitude you’re not gona get any respect. Then there’s an extend where these guys go to nearly worshipping women, because respect and being nice ain’t enough

Final thoughts, These simps are lined up to what Rollo Tomassi calls “betas in waiting”, they’ll do the “right“ things for the woman and will always be the last option for her until she cannot attract the man she wants and her SMV decays. They’ll think they won the lottery but few years down the line discover they were the 15th or 66th option, because a man that doesn’t put himself as his own mental point of origin is a weak man and a weak man is not attractive to a woman. Hopefully one day they will swallow the Muslim red pill.

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