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A 50% Divorce Rate does not mean you have a 50% chance of divorce

June 26, 2021

I lurk here, and I see so many redpillers make this mistake by equating marriage to 'gambling.' But this appears to me to be a misunderstanding of statistics. A rate of 50% only describes the distribution of data. It says nothing about LIKELIHOODS.

To give you a practical example, about 8% of Americans are millionaires. So does that mean your chances of becoming a millionaire are 8%? NO. This is decided by the actions you take. If you work at a gas station, have few career aspirations, and don't manage your health your likelihood is close to 0%. If you get a degree in software engineering, join a company like Amazon or Netflix, and commit to staying there for 20 years moving up the ladder and earning equity your likelihood is nearly 100%.

In my opinion, marriage is not any more or less risky than starting a business. It requires very deliberate thought, planning, strategy, and cooperation. But as long as you put in the work to affect the outcome you want the likelihood of success is much closer to 100% than 0%.

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