Plenty of people on Reddit put a lot of emphasis on how age gap is creepy and most young girls would never date an older guy. Now it’s true that a 20 something is unlikely to date a 50+ year old guy, but 30? 40? Doable, if the guy checks a BIG box of hers - he’s her type, celebrity, status, financial security, whatever.

If you take a relatively young Brad Pitt in his 30s or even 40s and have him approach and ask out on a date a bunch of young women, rest assured most of them aren’t going to go “well, you’re a really great guy but unfortunately we are at different life stages so I’m going to have to decline” - no, most women would likely skip work tomorrow for him.

The point I’m trying to make is people break their own rules when they really like someone. Age is a factor, but when you’re really excited about someone that one factor easily flies out of the window. I know examples from real life of my pals dating much younger girls (and I have done also) and we didn’t do have to become passport bros for it neither are we rich or famous.