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Alot of men could avoid heartbreak if they stopped pursuing shallow relationships.

April 10, 2020

Either get a hoe, or get a wife. Stop trying to make the hoe your wife. If your main goal is sex, then what the fuck are you doing getting married? Making long term choices based on short term climaxes is dumb. That's what hookers and fuckbuddies are for. So a guy could get laid without making any commitments to the other person.

It baffles me when I hear guys in the manosphere say "Sex isn't worth the marriage" who told you to get married FOR SEX?! BTW, that's called a Sugar Baby. Unless you can afford her, you really shouldn't get one. Your relationship should be more than just "I give resources, I get sex".

What about:


I seldom hear guys here talk about these things when it comes to relationships. Just sex and resources.

"But men dont care about those other things"

Maybe they should care! Perhaps, they'd stop meeting all these shallow stupid bimbos they claim "AWALT". You'd be amaze the types of people you'd meet if you stop vetting for bra size and gag reflex.

"But I also want a woman who cooks and cleans."

You can also buy maids! If your dream girl is a Hooker-Maid, you can buy those things without "risking divorce rape". Wow, the judge reward your ex alimony because she made a fraction of what you and you DIDNT sign a prenup?! IMAGINE. MY. SHOCK. BTW, how many men actually have to pay alimony?

"Men shouldn't marry because it's not worth it"

It's not worth it TO YOU because you dont a companion to spend the rest of your life with nor to build a family with. You just want to get your dick wet. And I'm sure you can pay hookers to indulge in your mommy fetish and take care of you.

Thats like paying $20 for instant cup Ramen. You'd be better off getting $1 Ramen or $20 steak. Only idiots are paying steak-price for ramen-quality.

"But I actually want love!"

Then dont put looks and sex on a high priority. History has proven that lust clouds a man's judgement and he'll do very stupid things if he let's it control him.

"But women also want a super hot guy!"

If it's at the expense of other important traits or vetting, she's an massive idiot too.

The memes I see MGTOW post that help me come to this conclusion:

This stuck out to me as projection and speaking from a personal experience.

MGTOW getting pissy because a woman dared to tell her ex that she's a doctor. One comment saying that her head game is more valuable than her career and work ethic. I JUST CANT IMAGINE why these guys only see bimbos?!

Claiming love should have exclusive benefits instead of mutual benefits. The "only" excluding benefit for women is that her husband "wipes her ass" and "gives her money".

Putting a price tag on women based on height, hair length, and hair color.

Laughing because normal women dont look like Hollywood women, for some reason.

Objectifying both men and women. How sad is it they see relationships as loveless transactions?!

Literally calling dating the same as prostitution.

Getting pissy because her standards were lower in the past. How dare she mature out of that?! MATURITY IS OVER-RATED! Women shouldn't change whatsoever when they get older!

Explaining why its horrible to have a hot girlfriend...because apparently you solely get a girlfriend because she's hot and nothing else.

Apparently all women have a harem of guys for sex, money, and attention.

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