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Are white women who sleep with/date black men "contaminated" or damaged in some way?

September 16, 2015

I was quite intrigued when I saw Donovan Sharpe post today on the topic of "White women who only date black men"

I don't normally read Return of Kings, but I've seen Donovan's posts about his low times and think it's quite a risk to post that kind of stuff in the manosphere. (Not everybody seems to sympathise for some reason. Something I've never understood since most guys in the manosphere were beta at some point in their life.) Anyway, I keep an eye out for his Tuesday piece because it's usually interesting amongst the rubbish. This one made me cock an eyebrow.

Read what you will from the above link, but later in the article it comes to what I think is easily the most controversial statement I've read in a while:

In my personal experience with conversations I’ve had with friends over the years, there does seem to be an undercurrent or unwritten sentiment that women who have slept with or been in relationships with black men are somehow contaminated or off limits.

Now for those of a PC-leaning, Donovan says he himself is black, so by the standard PC nonsense he's one of a select few who can talk about that. My own dating history could be mistaken for a Benetton catalogue (references above my age! woo!) and I'm happy to plate any girl of any race so long as she's hot... but when I consider what I'd accept for LTR game... white girls going after black dudes - instinctively I'd say absolute no-no. I have no literal explanation for this, but from instinct alone it seems like a red flag to me given what I know about the preferences of women when it comes to race. (Unfair, but whatever, facts/stats it's just numbers. There's more women out there anyway.)

A good female friend of mine has a good looking sister who’s married to a very affluent, high-value white male. According to my friend, she dated mostly black guys all through high school and college but guards that “secret” with her life and says she will take any admission of commingling with them to her grave.

Even a random woman seems to feel shame at this. (Crap sample size obv, but what are the odds he'd happen to know a woman right away who was ashamed at her sexual history with black men?)

My question is to both RPers and BPers... is Donovan onto something here? If so, why?

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