You basically have two options.

1) Choose an average or unattractive guy who will stay loyal to you only because he knows he wont have many options and not because he actually wants to stay loyal to you out of love and respect.

2) Choose a guy who is actually attractive but will cheat on you troughout the relationship.

Pick your poison ladies.

Edit: To those people who are trying to discredit my point, what is the first thing men tell women when they get cheated on by a good looking man? Its always something about it being an expectation that a good looking man can’t stay loyal due to how many options he has. “Should have chosen better” ie a guy who does not have many opportunities to cheat and he has no other option but to stay loyal. As much as men talk about not wanting to be settled for yall should understand why a woman wouldn’t want to choose an average or unattractive guy who is settling for her.