Firstly very important, this shouldnt be a Post where i Pat myself on the Back or where i want to flex or any other bs, my goal is just to discuss „women don’t respect lazy men“ Theory. And i am curious if i am right here.

I am very busy, and i invest much time in working in whatever field, my business, the gym, etc whatever.

Therefore my time is by default Limited (i am in a Relationship and this will matter for the later part.) and i have recognised a certain Patter.

Every single Grinder that i know (own business, works really hard, goes to the gym, is disciplined etc) has at average way higher respect and more well rounded relationship dynamic then the „normal“ guys.

I will take me as a example, i see my Girl max once peer week, because i am busy chasing my goals.

She never has given me any attitude (ok at start lil bit but i expressed my Life and then she understood it.) in any form or Life where she was breaking my mind, never.

Matter of Fact, she is going all out for me, something which i dont see in the Relationships off other People.

I can be 3 hours away from her and tell her to come and she will do anything to come to me, like not even discussing back and forth. Also things like texting me everyday etc, she really respects me which i enjoy.

My Theory is simple, i personally believe there are certain Parameters which are biologically wired in us, and this is a one which affects women.

Women by default feel (subconsciously) repulsed by lazy man to a degree (lets say hes your typical 9/5, then going home eating doritos and playing videogames.) which leads to those scenarios.

I believe, take the same dude 2 times, same looks, same personality, same social skills, same money, everything is the same. Just one dude is a goal chaser and the other is a chiller.

The hardworking dude will by default at average be more respected by his Girlfriend.