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CMV: As a bisexual guy women are generally far more homophobic than men are when it comes to their partner being bisexual or having experimented with the same sex

February 11, 2020

So, this is something I’ve noticed over the past 10 years or so but straight women tend to freak out if they find out a guy they’re interested in or seeing, boyfriend or husband whatever has a history of experimentation with other men or is bisexual. I’ve had it happen firsthand and seen it with others. It’s a pretty well known trope among bisexual guys. Advice to stay closeted on Tinder and whatnot is pretty standard because it’s a dealbreaker for a significant percentage of women.

Bisexual guys and gay dudes don’t give a shit if you’ve been with women. Generally speaking. If anything it’s a turn on to them.

Maybe bisexual and lesbian women have different views but straight women tend to be mortified and consider it a dealbreaker. Usually despite being very much the type to have rainbow social media profile pictures, go to pride, gush about gay/lesbian couples and just basically being the stereotypical “woke” politically correct girl.

This isn’t just something they wrinkle their nose about in private either many are vehemently outspoken in private about how they could never date or sleep with a bi guy or guy who’s even slept with another guy one time.

I really can’t figure out what the deal is but I think the main issue for them is they feel very threatened by it. If you’re a guy and ever want to experience what a woman’s experience on Tinder or Bumble or whatever is like just go make a Grindr account and watch your phone start to blow up with thirsty guys.

It’s incredibly easy to hook up with dudes as a bi guy and I really do think straight girls get wigged out by that because frankly a lot of them don’t really have all that much to offer other than sex. They’re boring people and they know it.

If you press them on why it’s such an issue for them they get very defensive but usually just insist that it’s “gross” or something along those lines. Just open and honest homophobia. It’s fine if you suck my dick and 100 other girls suck my dick but if one guy is in the mix and sucks my dick now all of a sudden there’s a problem... Okay.

We all know that 99% of straight guys either don’t care or think lesbians/bisexual women are hot.

It’s quite frustrating as someone who is bisexual but hetero-romantic but honestly I’m quite interested to hear other perspectives on this as it’s an extremely well known issue among bi guys but we kind of just shrug our shoulders and move on.


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