Got inspired by these vents below.

The Parable of the Nice Guy: Imagine that wherever you were born, all your life you were told that there's a great game or contest everyone participates in, and winners are greatly rewarded. So you do your best to learn the game rules and participate in good faith. Then when the time to compete actually comes, you see another guy break the rules with a smirk on his face, doing whatever he wants, and not only is he not penalized for it... he is admired and rewarded, while you are largely ignored. That's what it feels like.

Vent 2

You have to be a real piece of shit to see say, a bullying victim, be frustrated by women dating the guy that bullied him and dating others just like him. Wondering why women who claim to like good men date bullies while he who has always tried to be morally upstanding, can't get a date to save his life. Then use that guy's frustration as some kind of proof that he's actually a worse person than the dude that made his life a living hell. Then use that to justify why he deserves to be unhappy.

This reminded me of my biggest issue with these types of complaints: Why care that the asshole has a girlfriend? Why would you want a woman who’s constantly dating assholes? It is because she’s hot and you’re mad that the women you want doesn't want you? Why are you assuming she’d not an asshole herself? Is her good looks worth ignoring red flags? What makes you better than the bad boy chasers when you do that?

Unless the guy believes he’s owed a girlfriend solely from being nice, why is there an assumption being a good person = a girlfriend? Women aren't trophies for good behavior and I don't know why there assumption is still a thing despite a massive backlash filled women constantly reminding men “You are NOT entitled to sex”.

Instead of wasting time obsessing over assholes with their asshole about focusing on women NOT doing that? How about just focus on you getting a girlfriend that’s not wanting to fuck your bully? If you’re a good person, wouldn't you want to focus on learning how good people get together?

I don't see the benefit of wasting time focusing on women who would never care about a guy that’s allegedly a moral citizen and is fine watching her boyfriend bully people. Make it make sense, please!