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CMV: Most women are in denial about their unearned power and privilege when it comes to sex, dating, relationships and socializing.

September 20, 2019

This sub primarily focuses on social issues. Sex, dating, relationships, friendships are aspects of life that women have all the unearned power and privilege in. I detect a hint of arrogance many times from women on this sub. The assumption that some of the guys on here must be doing x, y, z wrong or that some of the guys must be of poor character or "personality" and that is why they have issues with dating, intimacy and socializing.

This is privileged thinking, most of the women on this sub are more successful than the men on this sub when it comes to sex, dating, relationships and socializing because, they're women. That's it, not because they're better people, not because of their character, not because of their personality, they're more successful because they're women.

Society is gynocentric, that spans the scope of dating, socializing, intimacy. The gynocentric society we live in implies that damn near everything will be favored towards the benefit of women and children irrespective of how negatively that affects men.

I always see such disregard for any of the issues men face and now the go to is the whole, "you're not entitled to x, y, z".

Basic Mazlowe's hierarchy of needs are not entitlements, everyone wants that. Everyone sooner or later will want affection, closeness or a stable significant other. Calling this an entitlement is another form of female privilege, you attain affections, closeness and a significant other with little to no effort because of your unearned privilege but, call those who do not have your unearned power and privilege entitled when they also endeavor towards what you have.

Anyways, most women on here are in such denial about their unearned power and privilege. Many women on this sub become hostile or disgruntled even if you bring it up, they want to maintain their unearned power and privilege status so badly.

Once again, women have better outcomes and experiences when it comes to sex, dating, intimacy, relationships and socializing because they're women. Not because of your character or anything that you have done, remember to acknowledge your privilege before you assume that a man is entitled because he wants what you have gotten to have so easily. Remember to acknowledge your privilege when some guy is complaining about the dating scene. Remember to check your privilege before you think about posting hostile or adversarial comments towards men when it comes to sex, dating and relationships because they have it so much worse than you with little fault of their own.

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Title CMV: Most women are in denial about their unearned power and privilege when it comes to sex, dating, relationships and socializing.
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