Disclaimer: I'm excluding the nice guys who are actually nice, but haven't realized they can be nice and NOT meek nor a pushover.

Seems the majority of nice guys were just nice to get pussy and nothing else.

Apparently, a lot of guys have perverted, older family members telling them that niceness make pussies wet. Clearly, that’s not the guy’s fault but why didn’t he realize that most people don’t believe in that? Because of fictional stories? I thought most people grew out of blindly believing fiction as real life advice by age 8.

A guy that use to frequent here said this and I realize how much sense it makes:

Thirsty guys see everything through thirsty guy lense. Meaning they cannot possibly comprehend another motive for a man doing something other than to get pussy. It’s a projection. The thirsty man is only motivated by the pursuit of pussy, so he believes that’s exactly how other men think. Which is why you can’t trust a thirsty guy, he’s always acting in the interests of his dick and no other reason.

Again, that’s precisely why girls do not like nice guys. Even looking at what these guys say about their plight, it came down to “I was nice solely to get girls to like me and it didn't work. Now I'm mad.”. Obviously, a thirsty guy wouldn't be able to comprehend that people are encouraged to be good/nice/kind because ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. No, they did it for a reward for being a good little boy. Assholes and bad boys also are nice for performative reasons, so the ‘Nice Guys’ are not special in that regard.

Also, if guys don’t want to be considered entitled, they gotta stop getting pissed that being nice didn’t earn them a woman. That is an entitled mindset. Thinking you’ve deserved a date with someone because you did nice things for them is entitlement.

Which brings me to quoting a wonderful sarcastic tweet:

“Why should girls choose the entitled and misogynistic jocks over the quiet nerds, whose views on women are exactly on par with the jocks but who are less attractive?”

Another example of thirstiness is that these guys are always jealous of the asshole bad boys. They never look up to good men with wives, they never ask the successful good guys with girlfriends for advice. No, it’s always getting upset with the fact that assholes in bad boys get more pussy. And if nice guys actually cared about being appreciated for being nice, you damn sure wouldn’t want the women who love,l assholes and bad boys.

However, when a guy is thirsty, a woman’s personality is irrelevant to him. So with guys who foolishly assume that being nice is cheat code to get all pussy, of course they’d be pissed that the asshole’s hot girlfriend(s) are immune to the ‘nice guy charm’. Hence, with that mind, nice guys never think it’s a big deal to even VET a woman based on her own behavior, and to see if she herself is a terrible person. HINT: If she’s knowingly dating felons and bullies, SHE IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. I’m shocked by how many guys aren't willing to accept that. When you’re thirsty, that just gets in the way of trying to pursue pussy, so……

For all the complaint about nice guys, being unappreciated by women for the sake of assholes, it’s not like these guys appreciate in niceness in women either. They definitely don’t appreciate stability in women either. How is it that every time a guy describes the average woman, it’s always someone extremely dysfunctional and ratchet? And, of course, it can’t be a coincidence that the women I know in real life that fits the description are also extremely popular with men, because those women are very hot, charismatic, and fuck immediately. To thirsty men, those women are very desirable even if he’s not paying attention to what he finds alluring about them.

Now, let’s just pretend that it’s not all about sex and these guys truly want a relationship : How do you build a relationship on just being nice to each other? So having the same interests, same values, same humor, etc is irrelevant? Just because a thirsty guy will take anyone (that’s hot), does not mean everyone else is the same way.