I am saying this as a guy: Only we can change the dating market by having higher standards.

As it stands right now, women are the gatekeepers of any romantic interaction and they just have to fulfill these 3 points to be attractive to a vast majority of men and be considered for a relationship:

  1. Exist and breathe (breathing is debatable)
  2. Have basic hygiene (also debatable)
  3. BMI < 24 (highly debatable as there are many guys who like chubby girls)

It doesn't matter if she has mental health issues. It doesn't matter if she has genetic disabilities. Her economic and social status also doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if she is shy or has social anxiety. Being a good communicator doesn't matter. In a radius of about 50 km, she will always have enough eligible man who would be interested in a relationship (compared to the man, who is her equivalent).

Pointing out the unfairness of the market and how much harder men have it won't change anything. Pointing out the amount and increase of virgin males and men who check out of society won't change anything. This relies on women feeling bad for men and thus changing their behavior to accommodate for that. But on an individual scale, it won't change anything because why should a woman change if she benefits hugely from the way, things stand right now?

Pointing out how many men are giving up and that this will have huge consequences ("frustrated sexless men have historically led to wars and collapse of society") won't change anything because let's face it, these predictions are just revenge fantasy copes. Your average woman doesn't give a shit if some guy, who is unsuccessful with woman goes MGTOW because men like these are invisible to them.

Pointing out to women, that they will be alone or any variation of that ("you will be alone if you only like 6ft. guys!!! Only 14,5% of men in US are over 6ft!!") also won't change shit. First of all, this is again just bitter revenge fantasy cope. She never considered you in the first place, so it is even better if you "quit society" as that means there is one less unattractive man bothering her. Second, even if they end up alone, most women are much more comfortable being alone because they have much better support networks.

The only way to change things is to have the same or even higher standards and encourage are more liberal style of masculinity (eg. similar to r/menslib). Don't force yourself to have to know everything and be in control. She is a human being. If she likes you, she can approach you as well and move things forward. Stay away from women with mental illnesses and bad jobs. Stay away from women with unattractive genetic qualities (Lipedema, dwarfism, thin hair, flat body etc.). Stay away from women with no hobbies and no friends. Stay away from women who want you to mind read and can't communicate their desires. Demand that bills are split equally or proportionally to the income (for example each relationship member has to contribute 20% of their income towards their relationship). Be ruthless with dumping any women who acts immature, is insecure, plays hard to get, is indirect or plays any other games. Be ruthless with dumping girls, who don't respect your boundaries or belittling your for not fulfilling any arbitrary standard of masculinity. Stay away from girls who demand men to behave a certain way simply because they are men ("he is the man so he has to do X! where X means: shower me with attention, know exactly how to make her orgasm, read her mind, propose marriage, ask her out etc.). Cherish your friendships and relationship with family members and be more vulnerable with your bros and encourage vulnerability in them.

This is the only thing, which can change dating for the positive.