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CMV: The manosphere greatly underestimates female-group preference and intra-male group aversion

May 2, 2020

So, I get it. Women are catty, and women will go behind each other's back and be complete bitches to each other through the gossip grapevine. However, when it's all said and done, women are vehemently all on the pro-female team, this isn't even a debate. The only counter-examples people here come up against this is when ONE woman states how she partially disagrees with some radfem who is arguing some ridiculous point that has little rooting in reality, and then all of a sudden she is suffering from "internalized misogyny". Men are more likely to be upfront with their disagreements with each other because men don't think in the primary mode of drama, but at the end of the day most men are hardly interconneted allies with each other that even two women who hate each other likely have over the general population of men.

I mean, when you look at men in comparison, I don't see how you can make such an affirmation that women hate each other relative to men. Most men naturally view other men as competition. We've almost unarguably evolved as a species where men are driven to **kill and cuck other men.**

One of the secondary reasons why feminism is so much more successful than the MRM is because women are much more cooperative and cohesive with each other relative to men. *Countless studies show that women exhibit an incredibly strong in-group preference over men, while most men generally are apathetic to other men's welfare at best*. I mean just look at the manosphere for the past year. The men claiming to care about other men's welfare by any large are just swindlers and con-artists trying to (e.g. just to name a few -- Rollo, AJAC, Tate Brothers, Rian Stone, basically anyone and everyone who was affiliated to 21Convention) to profit off of insecure men's shortcomings.

Men may have the ability to develop more intimate and personal relationships with other men (no homo) than women do with other women, but that might just be due to the superficiality and fickleness of women in general.

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