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CMV: Western men have always been an undateable mess

March 18, 2023

A lot of people have been blaming dating apps and social media for the rise of sexless men, but the real reason is actually the economic opportunities afforded to women. In the past, women were completely dependent on men to provide for them since they could not work themselves.

As a result, they could not have afforded to be more choosy. They were so desperate to survive that an ordinary man with a stable job could find a wife. Now that women are able to provide for themselves and are graduating from college more often than men, they are free to find someone that meets their standards.

Basically, women have always had high standards, they were just forced to lower them in the past in order to survive. Now that they can provide for themselves, they are able to be more selective when it comes to a man’s looks, personality, sense of humor, values, political views…etc.

The only men who are complaining now are the ones that never would’ve gotten a woman to begin with a couple generations ago. As a result, if these men end up not procreating, this would be natures way of reestablishing order - since their ancestors likely would not have been able to reproduce without the economic duress women faced at the time.

Instead of complaining that things have gotten too hard, men should simply step up. If an average guy gets a good job, goes to the gym, and isn’t socially awkward he can find a girl - men are just too lazy to put in the work. And if man does all these things, (has abs, 100k salary, can cook) and still can’t find a woman…then nature is correcting itself.

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