1.Many men like to compare heightism /discrimination of short man to men rejecting fat women .However many women over 5’8 and especially women over 5’11 have spoken about getting rejected due to their height and many men turning them away in favor of short women . 2.Many Tall women (5’8+)seem to be open to dating men shorter than them even more than average height to short women example a 4’11 women saying a 5’9 men is too short .Another example is a 6’4 man preferring a 5’0-5’4 women and saying any women over 5’8 is too tall . 3.Short man say they have to make up for their shortness by a.)getting a stable job and making money b.)Going to the gym to lift weights .Tall women have to make up for their tallness by being extremely attractive and having a very low BMI AKA a Supermodel

In summary Tall women get masculinized and short man get feminized.These are my observations as a 5’9-5’10 women .Feel free to discuss