I see a lot of men on this sub equivocating men getting a lot of women as being good with dating. These men aren’t good at dating at all, they are good at getting laid, but not holding down something long term. And guess what, women have a different sets of standard for hooking up with somebody short term, and actually dating somebody as a long term partner. Sure, some of y’all complaining about being not good looking enough are right that you don’t have what it takes to meet a woman’s standards for hooking up, but that doesn’t knock you out of dating long term. Y’all need to stop looking up to these dudes, because they cannot maintain a health relationship to save their lives.

Additionally, a lot of men I’ve known that complain about being “attractive enough,” do hardly anything to put their best foot forward. Get a properly fitting shirt and pants, iron your clothes, elevate your look and wear a button down instead of a regular t-shirt, loafers instead of sneakers, chinos instead of jeans, use hair product, and adopt a skin care routine. 75% of men I see complaining do none of the above to help with their situation, all while approaching women as though they are looking for something short term.