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Female Matchmaker stops trying to help women match with men because women (according to her) have "unrealistic standards for men, dating marriage". Lets discuss.

June 20, 2020

So i came across this absolutely fascinating video - and i'm going to post 2 versions of it, one with commentary from a 3rd party as i think he pauses the matchmaker's video and provides some additional commentary and also the matchmaker's video all by herself. (video with commentary) (original video)

Some interesting observations:

1) So this rant isn't made by a TRP/Incel/Blackpill/MGTOW male "woman hater". This is by a woman. Not only that, but her JOB is to help OTHER women find a match. It's very telling that she had to VOLUNTARILY quit helping other women find a match when her paycheck depends on it.

2) If i had to guess, the women she's helping are in their 30's, 40's, 50's, etc. Obviously younger women want to 'have their fun' and they get to have it because men are throwing themselves at the young women. The fact that women who are past their youth still have these insane standards where they expect 6+ feet, 6+ figures, and handsome as hell is pretty remarkable.

3) Even with that said, this woman admits to sleeping around with fuckboys in her youth before locking down mr. dependenable, so there's still some visceral disgust from me when she talks about that, so i'm not TOTALLY in her corner even though i agree with almost everything else she says.

4) I find it fascinating that she says she can only talk about 'this truth' because she no longer depends on a paycheck. Imagine if daytime talk shows would allow this kind of content, the shows would lose advertisers. Women have created a bubble in the media and virtually every other institution where they don't have to experience discomfort, no matter the truth.

5) Only a woman can say what she says without being cancelled and even then she has to quit her job to do it. If the 'where have all the good men gone' women asked men why men won't commit to them, no man in their right mind would tell them the truth. Women fucked themselves good. Sidenote: This is why i don't tell women the truth when they fuck up at work.

I find the video fascinating because women usually put the onus on men as to why they can't find a partner and when men point out it's women who have these high unrealistic standards, the standard shaming of 'you're just a jealous virgin loser who nobody wants' (and i've seen this type of shaming on guys with good jobs and good character), but it's REALLY hard to deflect when the person is not only a woman but deals with trying to match other women with men to put food on the table. I'm actually shocked that she even says that these near middle aged women were rejecting an ex-football player that used to play for the Atlanta Falcons, i mean wtf.

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Title Female Matchmaker stops trying to help women match with men because women (according to her) have "unrealistic standards for men, dating marriage". Lets discuss.
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