Feminists Arnt Radical Enough

February 14, 2018

Western Liberal Feminism belives itself to be anti establishment however the big irony is that Feminism is completely funded by establishment. What's more patriarchical white phallic and logocentric then big buisness and government? Pretty much nothing.

Modern Feminists are paid by the Liberal establishment to direct their attention away from the inherently oppressive establishment. That's why their entire focus is peripheral issues like gendered bathrooms, use of pronouns and media representation. However what's being deliberately ignored is that capitalism doesn't respect womenhood, sisterhood or motherhood. More on that later.

Originally the only people who had rights under the United States constitution were wealthy white men, then rights were gradually extended to poor men, then black men and then to women. However while it's easy to pretend that everyone is a white man on paper in practice not everyone is a white man. The best example of this is the legal system which pretends everyone has equal representation. They don't and the wealthy white men win as a result.

Liberalism is antithetical to diversity because it's end goal is to transform everyone into the most taxable demographic the white man. Under liberalism women are forced to become white men ala Hillary Clinton. Also minorities are forced to become a white male simulacra ala Obama. Thus loosing their essence and becoming miserable. Liberalism is white cishetero normative.

Instead of asking how do we transform all of our women into profitable taxable engineers, feminism should ask how can we reshape modern society so that it values women? How can good womenhood sisterhood and motherhood be rewarded so that women arnt forced to transform into men?

A better word for current Feminism is masculinism because it seeks to transform women into men. What we need is real feminism a movement that loves women for being women. If we celebrate women as women and don't force them to become white men or souless proletariat as in communism we can have healthier families and healthier people.

Unfortunately that's not gunna get funded by the establishment.

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