I recently saw this in a post on here:

look around at all the shorter, balding, chinless, acne ridden, lazy eyed, pudgy, fashionless, squeaky voiced, dumb, boring, poor, unemployed, remarkably ordinary guys in relationships

And it made me think. I don't think I've ever heard of a partnered man that has all of those traits! There's always some caveat that makes you go "yeah, now I get why she's with him".

For example, it might be true that he's short, bald, pudgy and fashionless -- but then you soon realise he is highly intelligent and happens to have a deep, silky smooth voice. Or he might not have any of those things either, but is rowdy and loud, which some women see as a plus.

This brings me to my two questions.

A) Have you ever seen a man that has the complete package of undesirability (neurotic, unintelligent, introverted, unattractive, not particularly funny, what have you) be in a relationship? The kind of men that seemingly have no redeeming qualities?

B) if yes, why do you think she was with him?

Keep in mind that this is not a question of statistics. It is abundantly clear that such guys are statistically more likely to be sexually inexperienced. I am interested in hearing your anecdotes. You may use any model to answer the why part, be that the blackpill, redpill, bluepill, or anything else.