Hi, I came across a tiktok video earlier today and would like to get some women's opinions on this from elsewhere. Here's the video. (Description of the video: This man is dating the girl in the video, and she's having some sort of a procedure done on her ears by a professional. Her boyfriend makes a personal threat to the professional without provocation.) It's only a few seconds long, so please watch it now. I saw it and wondered why anyone would put up a video of their bf being rude to other people. If I was serving a customer, and the customer made a threat like that - serious or not - I would refuse to serve them.

Then I looked at the comments (hundreds) and every single woman in the comments is swooning over him. What in the world? I of course understand feeling protective over your woman, as in wanting what's best for them, but there is a clear line between being protective and disrespectful to everyone (and unprovoked of course). Am I living in a bubble with men and women who don't appreciate that sort of shit from their SOs? What are your thoughts, and what portion of women actually do prefer that?