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I don't see the point in having kids

October 14, 2019

It just seems incredibly irrational and immoral in today's modern world.

Children used to serve a utilitarian purpose in that they would take care of you in your retirement — nowadays most people would be incredibly lucky to have their kids take care of them let alone see their kids once a year.

Furthermore, it just seems incredibly immoral unless you are wealthy and/or incredibly intelligent as a couple.

Yay, let's bring kids into the world! Yay, let's bring them into 50 years of corporate America and wage/tax slavery!

What's even worse is it's the poorest and least intelligent people having the majority of the children. These poor souls are going to be absolutely fucked when the coming advent of automation comes and gets streamlined.

A 100 years from now, we'll be asking ourselves why we never placed any limitations on whom and how much a given couple can reproduce, and we'll ask ourselves how such a common sense proposal was not implemented several decades earlier to our current point in history.

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