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I think social media and online dating is mentally ruining women

June 24, 2020

I believe there is such thing as "Too Much Going On For You" syndrome. I really do. When you become convinced that the opportunities are endless, you completely lose focus. Online dating and social media do just that to women. They create the illusion that the opportunities are endless. They really aren't, but they do create that illusion. And when you are under that illusion it becomes harder to settle. It's harder to take things seriously. You'r always a couple of texts away from having sex. You can date as much as you want. You will never be alone, no matter how ugly you are. As a woman, you will always have options. Or so it seems. You might not get exactly what you want, but you'll get something.

I think there is no way this isn't mentally damaging. You're consistently being told how beautiful you are. Consistently being approached. Consistently being offered sex. You know that whoever you date can be quickly replaced if things don't go your away. There is always more. You grow up believing that. There is always more. Possibly, there's always something better waiting for you. Why settle? Maybe if you wait a little bit more, someone even better will come around.

I believe women are now more fickle than ever. And it's a big difference. I've had internet since the 90's. I've used IRC, silly chatrooms, Myspace, you name it. There is a big difference, in my opinion, between talking to women online 10 years ago and right now. You can tell that they are burned out. They can't focus, they're too demanding, they ghost too much and it didn't use to be like this. They're getting buried in messages and compliments and kind of getting addicted to it with no intention of giving anything back. It's just getting too much for them. I think it hurts men and i think it hurts women. They're in a state of delusion at this point.

What do you think?

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